What advice can I give my clients about looking after their skin at different ages?

In their 20s, clients’ skincare routine should primarily incorporate protection from exposure to UV and pollution and be should be focused on balancing the skin, so it feels soft and smooth every day.

The key is to avoid products that are too stimulating. Advise clients to use a good cleanser and moisturiser that counteract the effects of fluctuations in temperatures, humidity and constant running around, all of which stress the skin and can lead to the development of fine lines.

The 30s is when the need to energise the skin starts to become apparent, so suggest that clients invest in a richer moisturiser that is softening and nourishing, to prevent the onset of fine lines. This is also the time to start talking to clients about specialised eye care to protect this super thin and fragile area.

The 40s is when energising the skin and minimising fine lines steps up a level. Advise clients to look for products that hydrate, oxygenate, protect, regenerate and feed the skin.

As clients hit their 50s, the drop in oestrogen levels can leave skin feeling tight, dry and lacklustre. Recommend products that can help compensate for the absence of hormonal influences on the skin.

These products should have rich, emollient textures that feed the skin with a continuous supply of moisture, to condition it on a deep level. In their 60s and 70s, clients can experience problems with luminosity and radiance, due to a build-up of cell waste over the years.

However, there are ingredients that encourage the elimination of cell waste and restore luminosity, such as hibiscus flower, ginkgo biloba and butcher’s broom, that would be suitable for this client group.

Marie McKeever is head of treatment development for Clarins UK and has been with the company for 13 years. McKeever, who began her career on the Clarins beauty counter, is also a trained beauty therapist. A driving force behind the development of Clarins’s popular Tri-Active treatments, she is a strong believer in tailoring your skincare routine to suite your lifestyle.