In the know: Comfort Zone

What should I advise clients when it comes to caring for their skin overnight?

Cleansing and toning should be the first steps in clients’ skincare routine at the end of the day. It’s so important for removing pollution, dirt, and makeup and in having a rebalancing effect, and it will hugely improve skin health. One of the most common skin problems clients want to address at night is dehydration – in order to prevent ageing and other damage from environmental aggressors.

A gel-texture hydrating mask that is lightweight enough to be left on overnight gives an intense hydration boost and is a great solution for thirsty, depleted skin. If the product contains hyaluronic acid, that’s excellent, as this is a very good skin plumper and moisturiser. If a client is looking for anti-ageing products that also brighten, recommend ones with AHAs or vitamin C, as these are fantastic ingredients for rejuvenating the skin at night-time when it’s at its most active.

Removing dead skin cells and pumping the skin full of vitamins also allows other products to penetrate deeper and work more effectively. However, remind clients to protect their complexion with an SPF when using such products as they can make the skin slightly more delicate. Recommend that they not only apply products to the face, neck and décolletage in the evening but also to the back of the hands. Due to constant sun exposure, hands tend to show the first signs of ageing, but it’s an area that’s often forgotten.

Last but not least, suggest the use of multivitamin oils. Acting as superfoods for the skin, they feed and replenish it while you sleep, encouraging the repair of collagen and elastin, boosting recovery from free radical attacks and helping skin perform at its best.

Gemma Lea is UK national training manager for Comfort Zone, and has worked in the spa and beauty sector for 13 years. Previous positions include national training manager for Decléor and Carita in the UK, roles in spa management and experience as a therapist for high-end spas and hotels. Passionate about beauty and skincare, she is focused oncontinued knowledge development within the industry.