How can I best educate my clients on how to use the thermal area correctly? 

The first thing to say is that in order to educate others; you must have a degree of knowledge yourself. 

This knowledge can be gained in a variety of ways: first and foremost from the company installing the equipment, which should provide comprehensive guidance with regards to the operation and benefits of the features they have installed.

Secondly, this knowledge can be derived from the operator’s own experience, perhaps of other facilities. A word of warning, however - this could lead to bad practices simply being continued if what you have previously picked up is not correct.

The third way to acquire the necessary knowledge is through the growing number of colleges that provide very comprehensive thermal suites for students who [in the UK] are undertaking NVQ Level 3 spa therapy training to use.

The operator should provide clear guidance to users on how they can best enjoy the experience, which room to start in (if there is a choice), how long to stay in each room and what the various rooms will offer in terms of experience and benefits.

The correct use will ensure customer satisfaction, and lead to repeat visits/income. Guidance may also be provided either as a printed leaflet, or on web pages previous to the client visiting the spa. Clear signage on the premises will also be of assistance, as will a brief description of the experience outside each room.

Gerard McCarthy is sales director of Dalesauna, which manufactures and supplies saunas, steam rooms, plunge pools and other thermal equipment for the spa, wellness and leisure industries