How can I best advise clients to ensure they use the right moisturiser for their skin type and needs?

If a client is not using the correct moisturiser, their skin will not look healthy, clear, or hydrated. The skin may also feel tight, leaving them unhappy and uncomfortable. The best advice would be to have a consultation with an experienced therapist who can then make specific recommendations based on the client’s individual needs.

A good therapist will be able to identify any skin concerns and diagnose their client’s skin type by having a short consultation prior to a treatment. Asking the client a few questions about their skincare regime, alongside a quick visual assessment of the skin, will allow the therapist to recommend appropriate treatments and products.

Consumers are bombarded daily with new products and with magazines and newspapers promoting different “miracle” moisturisers. It can be confusing and overwhelming for clients and they may not realise they are using the wrong products, which often exacerbate skin concerns, unless they are advised by a professional.

It’s important for therapists to remember that they are the professionals and that with the product training they will have had with their skincare supplier(s), they are best suited to provide clients with the very best skincare advice.

Most skincare houses provide samples: I recommend that you give them out to clients and always follow up with them to ask how they’re getting on. It may be that the results are not as expected and that the therapist needs to tweak their original recommendation. It also shows good customer service to follow up with the client, proving to them that you are committed to their wellbeing. 

Carole Jones is the managing director of Totally UK, which distributes Spanish skincare brand Germaine de Capuccini and inch loss system Universal Contour Wrap in the UK. She opened her first salon in 1990 and has more than 25 years’ experience in the spa and beauty industries