In the Know: High Definition

Published 28th Oct 2017 by PB Admin
In the Know: High Definition

What can I do to highlight brow and makeup services more in the spa?

Brows have come a long way in the last few years, and have become big business for spas, so it makes perfect sense to use brow treatments to cross-promote your services. Clients often want the complete package from a spa – somewhere they can have all of their hair, beauty, wellness and makeup needs catered to – making crosspromotion a particularly great concept.

For instance, if you’re renowned for offering luxury spa day packages, why not look at how you can add brow services and makeovers, to complement your existing menu and bring in additional revenue. It also makes sense to look at retailing a makeup range. A premium makeup collection, such as the High Definition line of products, is a great added source of income.

It means that after a brow service, clients can enjoy a makeover and leave ready for a night out – without any telltale signs of redness revealing the recent treatment. Offering a makeup range for retail is also a good opportunity to upsell the products you’re using.

Education is key so ensure your staff are up to date on the latest trends and techniques, well-versed when it comes to the product offering and able to showcase their expertise. This is more important than ever as consumers are now savvier than in the past and tend to have done their research. Looking to the future, the growing trend for beauty and grooming treatments is set to continue.

This means that adding brow and makeup services to your offering will not only boost income, but also strengthen your spa brand – ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Karen Bettsis co-founder and chief executive of High Definition, whose range comprises brow, makeup, lash and nail products and services. With several decades’ of beauty sector experience, she is an industry authority in fields including microblading, permanent makeup and medical tattooing. In addition to her role with High Definition, Betts also runs eyelash extensions brand Nouveau Lashes and permanent makeup brand KB Pro.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 28th Oct 2017

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