In the Know: Mr Sauna

What’s the best way to educate my clients on how to use the thermal facilities?

Many spas now offer a complete range of thermal experiences, which can of course include saunas and steam rooms but may also include salt and aroma rooms, ice features and rasul mud chambers.

Most thermal suites will have been designed to allow the user to follow an easy path from the coolest room to the hottest, but this may not always be the case. It’s therefore important for clients to understand that the best experience comes from heating the body slowly, using the least warm of the hot rooms first.

There are a number of ways in which operators can ensure that clients are well informed, ideally before they arrive. A good description of all thermal experiences and the order in which they should be used can be added to your website. The information can also be printed and left at reception. Good signage is also very important and you could add a brief description at the entrance to each thermal experience.

Staff should have thorough knowledge of the facilities so they can impart this knowledge to clients but surprisingly this is often not the case. The best way for staff to learn about the thermal suite is for them to use it themselves, so they can describe the individual experiences better and recommend their favourite ones.

The company supplying the equipment should also provide thorough staff training on the correct use of the facilities, and on cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Gerard McCarthy has decades of spa industry experience, including 25 years with thermal facilities provider Dalesauna, where he was previously sales director. In 2016, McCarthy set up the company Mr Sauna, drawing on his in-depth knowledge of the sector. Offering saunas and steam rooms to spas and other clients, Mr Sauna also provides design and consultancy services.