How can I elevate my spa treatments to luxurious experiences that suit a high-end market?

In general, when people have a beauty treatment, they expect more than just something that addresses the needs of their skin. When they enter a spa, they are buying quality time for themselves and if you wish to cater for the highend market, your goal should be to make these experiences special and memorable.

The best possible quality of skincare products is obviously mandatory, because clients want to see visible results on their skin. As for the treatments you offer, they should not only be wonderful experiences, where every detail has been carefully thought out, they should also have exceptionally efficient protocols that guarantee outstanding results. Another key factor in beauty treatments that go that one step further is innovation.

Today’s clients are skincare savvy, so we have to surprise them, while ensuring they feel comfortable and relaxed at the same time. Look at what the latest trends are and ensure you have cutting-edge treatments on your menu.

At Natura Bissé, our rituals incorporate effective and pioneering massage techniques that deliver dramatic results on the skin. In order to create the ultimate luxury experience, you need to offer state-of-the art touches that customers can’t find anywhere else. Create a unique atmosphere and make them feel they are entering a very special space.

In the end, what really elevates something from just a treatment to a truly memorable experience is the combination of groundbreaking and high-quality techniques with luxurious products and tools and, of course, excellent service.

Clare Dickens is the commercial manager of the spa division at Natura Bissé UK. A qualified beauty therapist, she has been in the spa and beauty industry for more than 20 years, with a career that spans spa operations, training and sales roles in the UK and overseas