In the Know: NovaLash

I'm thinking of offering lash extensions in my spa, but am concerned that clients see it as more of a salon service. How can I convince them to come to my spa, instead of going to a high street salon, for their lash extensions?

The most important factor in any lash extension service is making the client feel as relaxed as possible. With their tranquil environment, spas are therefore already well equipped to offer this service.

Clients visit a spa for the dual service of results and relaxation, to feel good and to look their best. Lash extensions adhere to this ethos by providing instant results that rejuvenate the face and complement other treatments, such as anti-ageing treatments.

Lash extension treatments require the same set up as a facial: a calm atmosphere and a comfortable bed. Clients are required to keep their eyes closed for around two hours for their first set, and one hour for their infills, which creates an opportunity to dim the lights – allowing clients to drift off and embrace a bit of ‘me time’.

During the service, soothing gel pads are placed under the eyes to hold down the bottom lashes.

Many of these gel pads contain collagen and other moisturising ingredients, doubling as an anti-wrinkle treatment. This can be positioned as added value for the client and a key feature of the service.

Additionally, the gel pads can be retailed to clients for at-home treatments, extending the benefits of the service and boosting profits.

Spas can also turn up the relaxation factor of the service by adding on treatments such as a soothing head massage or an eye and temple massage, key features of the NovaLash technique.

A great way to introduce lash extensions is to offer the service as part of a day package or sold together with other treatments, such as steam facial, for the ultimate in client relaxation.

Heather Hughes is the UK director and international trainer for eyelash extensions brand NovaLash