In the know: Scrummi

How can I make my towel and sheet routines more hygienic and eco-friendly? 

Keeping your cotton towels and linen 100% hygienic all the time is easier said than done.

The fact that they are exposed to oils, scrubs and masks on a daily basis makes it an especially tough task.

In order for cotton towels and sheets to remain as hygienic as possible, it’s important to remember that they need to be washed at a reasonably high temperature.

Most sources recommend washing them at 60°C, as this will kill off the majority of bacteria. It’s also advisable to use the correct amount of washing detergent, as excess detergent will cling to towels as residue, making it a great place for bacteria to hide.

Another tip for cotton towels and sheets is to ensure they’re aired properly. Many spas opt for tumble drying, as damp towels left for any length of time will act as a breeding ground for bacteria and could cause an unpleasant, long-lasting smell.

Something else to consider is introducing disposable, eco-friendly towels and linen. With a fresh towel, sheet or mitt every time, there’s no risk of hygiene being compromised.

Such products also reduce the high volumes of laundry in a spa every day, and can be disposed of in an ethical and sustainable way.

How customers feel about a business is partly informed by their corporate social responsibility record and environmental policy, so options to reduce your spa’s environmental impact should be on your radar.

Robert Cooper is founder and chief executive of Scrummi, which supplies eco-friendly, single-use linen to the spa industry. He established Scrummi with a sustainable ethos in 2010 and, today the company has several thousand spa and salon clients around the world.