How to make your nail services spa appropriate

What should my nail offering deliver to be spa appropriate?

A nail treatment in a spa environment should be a pampering experience. That means it’s paramount for your team to be well trained on your chosen brand so they can easily walk clients through the treatments that will suit them best.

Having a team that can knowledgeably discuss the latest nail trends, including lengths, shapes and colours, is hugely important and will make your staff look competent, up-to-date and educated.

At Sweet Squared, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with spas for more than 10 years and through our experience and partnerships we’ve have discovered some of the best ways to help spas, their teams and nail clients. As a spa, you should be looking for a nail partnership that offers a well-known brand name with great product choice and colour selection, quality education, excellent aftercare and attractive retail opportunities.

Search for high-quality products that are easy to apply and remove, maintain the integrity of the customer’s natural nail and will excite the client. The partnership should be mutually beneficial and offer you regular product and education updates, first-class customer service and a company that you enjoy working with. Don’t settle for second best or work with brands that overpromise but underdeliver.

You don’t have to accept rudeness or poor customer care either. As the spa, you’re the customer and you have a choice. Your nail partnership should be fun, centred around a quality range and work to everyone’s benefit, most of all the satisfaction and happiness of your customers.

Samantha Sweet has nearly 30 years’ experience in the beauty and spa industries. In 2007, she set up UK-based distributor Sweet Squared with her husband Samuel and, 10 years later, the company’smarket-leading nail and beauty brands include CND, Minx, Waxperts and Moroccan Tan. Her role at Sweet Squared comprises working closely with the education, customer care, sales and PR teams.