In the Know: Wellmonde

What are the key things to know about handling clients’ personal data?

Spas usually collect three types of client data: 1) contact information 2) health conditions and 3) treatment info, including their main concerns, skin conditions, treatment and retail purchase history, and so on.

This data can be extremely valuable, allowing you to really personalise the service you offer. If you personalise services by using data about clients; suggesting treatments that match their concerns and giving recommendations based on your knowledge, it helps attract repeat business.

There are, however, some factors to consider, including the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will come into effect within the European Union on May 25 next year.

It will replace national laws in this area and introduce new stipulations for how personal data is handled. According to the European Commission: “Personal data is any information relating to an individual.

It can be anything from a name, home address, photo, email address, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or a computer’s IP address.”

The GDPR carries administrative penalties for the failure to fulfil data protection regulations, so this is the time for any spas to which it applies to assess their data security practices and privacy policies, and create or update their documentation regarding the handling of customers’ personal information.

The GDPR gives clients the right to request access and corrections to the information you hold on them, and object to further processing of their personal data.

It also requires businesses to train an individual to act as data protection officer, or appoint an external agent to fill that function. So if this change in legislation applies to your business, then you need to be prepared for it.

Mare Kuruson is chief executive and co-founder of online platform Wellmonde. The company was created to connect spas, brands and consumers, providing all parties with access to the relevant wellbeing information and allowing for the creation of personalised customer service solutions. Kuruson has 25 years’ wellness industry experience and holds a BA in business management and an MA in wellness and spa service design and management.