Incorporating mindfulness into the spa experience

Published 03rd Dec 2018 by PB Admin
Incorporating mindfulness into the spa experience

Helping clients achieve mindfulness in spa treatments requires true therapist participation, says Elena Gracheva, director of spa at Nizuc Resort & Spa

You have to start with effective therapist selection, as the team will be your main resource in encouraging clients to experience mindfulness. When choosing therapists, it is important to pay attention to their lifestyles. Look for holistic therapists who are inspired by wellbeing and, preferably, those who apply these principles to their own lives.

Once the holistic therapist team has been selected, it is important to have continuous training that includes meditation, a mindfulness, focus on the present moment, yoga, tai chi, nutrition, juicing, breathing techniques, and so on. You can also organise mindfulness related team-building activities.

A sample mindfulness treatment journey could start with a guided meditation session introducing clients to the concept, followed by hydrotherapy to reduce physical tension and stress. This could continue with a treatment of choice, complemented with holistic spa products, and then a guided visualisation.

This experience could conclude with a healthy spa lunch, and written recommendations from the therapist regarding ways in which the client could easily incorporate mindfulness into their lifestyle. Here in Mexico, we also enhance such journeys by adding a touch from the local culture, incorporating Mayan stones and herbs for healing. Throughout the journey, the skilled therapist will help the client to experience mindfulness and enjoy the present moment again.

Elena Gracheva is director of spa at Nizuc Resort & Spa, Grupo Brisas. Hear her speak at the World Spa & Wellness Convention in London in February 2019, about wellness programmes to boost client footfall and team morale.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 03rd Dec 2018

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