Increasing the number of male guests in your spa

Guest blog: Existing product houses should be your first port of call when it comes to developing male-focused treatment range, says Olivier Bonnefoy. 

An increase in male guests is a global trend and shows no sign of slowing. Many spas that I visit internationally are experiencing impactful increases in male guest numbers but are not entirely leveraging this opportunity to the maximum.

In the past decade, training has materially improved and extra attention by the more successful spas has ensured that men are now regularly visiting spas and spending more when there. However, the vast majority are not focusing on the simplest way to gain more traction with them – the development of male-orientated services and protocols to make the experience as inclusive as possible.

This needs to begin with the selection of the right product range, or by asking certain questions of your current product house, such as, “can we devise a male-focused treatment with this range?” Also, check that they offer a good range that allows for added up-selling and gives a reason for guests to return to the spa. Answering these questions will reap significant dividends in the future.

Olivier Bonnefoy is owner of male grooming chain Gentleman’s Tonic. He is part of the “Stream 1: Can Spa Concepts Transcend Oceans?” panel at the World Spa & Wellness Convention in London on February 24-25.

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