Indian Hotels Company Limited embarks on eco-friendly drive

Several properties across the Indian Hotels Company Limited portfolio have replaced plastic-wrapped amenities with eco-friendly substitutes.

In a bid to reduce plastics usage across the company, 30 hotels in the group have replaced plastic-wrapped dry amenities including toothbrushes and shaving kits in guest bedrooms with eco-friendly alternatives.

Puneet Chhatwal, managing director and chief executive officer for IHCL commented: “In line with IHCL’s commitment to safeguard the environment, the initiative of phasing out plastic is a vital step towards developing sustainable practices. We look forward to introducing more such measures with every passing year.” 

All ICHL hotels switched off electricity for one hour from 8:30-9:30pm on March 24 in aid of Earth Hour.

In England, Yorkshire-based Titanic Spa has launched an environmental initiative to cut down the plastic waste it creates as global efforts focus on reducing plastics.

Spa staff discovered more than 500 plastic bottles in nearby Lowestwood Pond during a clearing project with local volunteers, leading the business to bring in a “no plastic” initiative with immediate effect.

The spa has stopped using single-use plastic bottles, cups and straws, and instead provides recyclable paper alternatives.

Guests can now purchase reusable water bottles decorated with the spa’s logo that can be filled from the spa’s natural spring.

The "no plastic" drive adds to Titanic Spa's exisiting environmentally friendly initiatives; the building is powered by solar panels and has thermally efficient windows. The spa’s pools are filled from its natural water spring and its towels are laundered onsite using a laundry system that cleans on a low temperature with ozonated water to disinfect fabrics.