Internet-enabled skincare device links users to professionals

An internet-enabled at-home skincare device has launched to market, allowing users to undertake a collaborative treatment programme alongside a doctor.

Jóli 360, manufactured by medical aesthetic skincare company E.S.I Novel, combines two hand held devices, which are connected to a smartphone app.

The user first applies the analyser hand piece to the skin to measure levels of hydration, sebum and elasticity. This information is sent to a dermatologist or aesthetic practitioner via the app and an internet connection.

The practitioner then creates a personalised skincare programme in collaboration with the user and can track the user’s progress and give advice.

The treatment hand piece incorporates radiofrequency, low-level laser therapy and electroporation, applied over a hyaluronic acid and peptide serum in a single-use cartridge.

Single-use cartridges of conductive gel are also supplied for use with the radiofrequency technology.