Interview with Erich Schulte - one of the chairs of the PSW Convention

Professional Spa & Wellness Convention returns to Professional Beauty in London on February 28-29, 2016, once again attracting some of the most senior speakers in, and outside of, the industry. In the run-up to the event, we talked to Erich Schulte, Founder of QMS Medicosmetics, about the topics, presentations and the key issues facing the sector.

- What made you interested in speaking as part of the How to Boost your Spa's Scope and Revenue with Advanced Aesthetics session?
I feel that the potential advanced aesthetics has to influence what is available to the client is a very important field within the industry. I was a surgeon both in the areas of trauma and cosmetic surgery for many years and I saw first hand how skin can be affected by damage and by the ageing process. Today we have choices and the key is making the right ones.

- How would you describe your presenting style?
I am very passionate about what I do and that tends to translate into my presenting style, which is often enthusiastic. When I'm on a panel, I enjoy the transaction and flexibility of that format, as well as the all-important engagemnet with teh audience.

- What makes a good presentation at an event like this? What does the speaker need to deliver to make it worth the audience's time and money?
Saying something of value is key: my role at this sort of event is to provide information that justifies the attendees' invetsment, both time and money-wise. I have great respect for people who take the time to come along, so my presentation has to provide content that is interesting, relevant and informative. Ideally, it should provide them with the tools for an enhanced understanding of the subject matter.

- What do you plan to cover in your presentation?
It's important to recognise the parameters of advanced aesthetics and when it can and cannot be integrated into a spa. If you don't get the crossover right, it can be very damaging to your clients and your business. In my presentaion, I will go into detail when it comes both to the potential positives and negatives.

- What do you hope delegates will take away from this session?
I would love them to feel confident in embracing how progress within advanced aesthetics can help everyone. There are benefits to advanced aesthetics that can filter though and be adapted to whatever style of spa or salon you operate. In my advisory roles I have seen the positives as well as the pitfalls this emerging sector offers, so if I can give some guidance on that, I will be happy.

- How often do you speak at industry events like the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention?
Not as often as I would like, I would love to do it more but some years it's hard, particulary if I'm travelling to our international partners or working in the lab developing a new formulation.

- Why events like this convention important for our sector?
These events are unvaluable as they provide the opportunity to keep up with the latest trends and developments within the industry. They create the potential for you to enhance your knowledge and expertise, which can have a postive impact on your business.

- What are the biggest challanges and opportunities currently facing the spa and beauty industries?
A challange that I feel is of key importance is education. We are now offering more and more specialised care, which makes it important that we increase training and knowledge for anyone working in the industries. Another challange is governance: one of the key problems in the industry is the fact that there is no global authoritative body. You can, for example, find an ingredient that is banned in Europe is being openly used and promoted in other countries.
When it comes to opportunities, the global desire to age well is fundametally the reason the beauty and wellness sectors have grown so strong. This consumer demand has seen rapid advancements in aesthetic medicine, new technology and performance-focused treatments and skincare products that make it possible for our industry to offer improved results and active wellbeing to clients.

- What are the key trends within aesthetics at the moment?
The global appetite for minimally invasive sometic treatments sontinues to increase, with the top ones being botox and hyaluronic acid injection, followed by IPL,photo rejuvenation and non-surgical fat reduction. We are also seeing a lot of laser tattoo removal

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