Introducing the Venus Freeze Plus

Venus Freeze Plus is Venus Concept’s newest, most advanced skin tightening device. It is powered by our patented (MP)2 technology, which combines multi-polar Radio Frequency with Pulsed Electric Magnetic Fields (PEMF.) The Freeze Plus contains two new features that enhance patient safety, improve ease of use for the operator, and can lead to more consistent and predictable results:

Venus Freeze Plus applicators are equipped with integrated sensors that provide real-time thermal feedback, allowing for easy and immediate monitoring of skin temperature profile. The system’s display shows the temperature profile throughout the treatment, so the operator can ensure optimal safety and effectiveness.

Venus Freeze Plus features Automatic Temperature Control (ATC), which allows the operator to easily select a target temperature suitable for the specific patient and treatment area. This unique feature makes it easier to maintain a steady therapeutic temperature throughout the treatment, enhancing the consistency and predictability of results. ATC also contributes to the safety of the treatment.