Introducing how the WSW Convention can benefit your business

After the success of the revamped format for last year's convention, at the World Spa & Wellness Convention 2020 we will once again give delegates the opportunity to choose the key information they need to grow their spa businesses in the coming months. 

There are two core streams to the convention: 

Stream 1: The Business of Spa 

Stream 2: Wellness in Spa

Both will be packed with expert panels, and targeted advice for spa operators to implement into their businesses. There will also be keynote speakers who will focus ontopics such as trends set to disrupt the industry and creating memorable experiences for customers.

Situation rooms 

In addition to the two key streams, the 2020 convention will also feature “situation rooms” on two key topics – ramping up a successful opening, and managing a strategic turnaround. Delegates can choose to join one of three morning sessions, for day spas, city/hotel spas and resort spas, and witness how our roundtables of experts deal with these two challenges. 

View the full programme and speaker-line up so far.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder and CEO of TIP TOUCH, an advisor & educator focused on enhancing the perceived value for guests and staff in Spas, Wellness centers, and Hotels. Jean-Guy who will be a chair on the "Builiding Wellness Experiences at your Spa" session says,
"The FUN FACTOR is a serious matter. Interesting wellness activities can grow footfall and boost customer retention".

He also notes that the Situation Rooms are an opportunity for delegates to 
"meet, learn, network & contribute to 3 conversations (about 60 minutes) with great insights, best practices and key numbers." about:

Mornings will be "open conversation" formats, going through the main points (no slides) with delegates welcome to attend, listen, take notes, ask questions and contribute if they wish.

The afternoon sessions are the real presentations in a conference room, with slides projected.

Each group will have about 30 minutes to address the most striking points.

All delegates will stay in the same room to listen to the 3 presentations: Day Spa, City/Hotel Spa and Resort Spa.

Panelists are top Spa operationals (CEOs, GM or Group Spa Directors)  who have accepted to share insights based on their extensive experience, especially financial expertise. These golden nuggets cannot be found in classes, nor books, only learnt from experiences, sometimes mistakes.

Panelists will also share some numbers/KPIs BEFORE they launched (or implemented a turn-around) and AFTER, so that delegates learn actions and can measure impacts."

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