IQ Verify launches new aesthetics pathway to Level 7 for therapists

Published 16th Jan 2019 by PB Admin
IQ Verify launches new aesthetics pathway to Level 7 for therapists

Independent, international certification body IQ Verify has launched a qualification that will allow beauty therapists to reach Level 7 in many aesthetic treatments, creating the first pathway of its kind that could be recognised by the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP).

The L4-7 Skin Rejuvenation Scheme allows therapists to progress from Level 4 to 7 in chemical peels, microneedling and mesotherapy.

The framework is mapped against the current requirements of UK-regulated qualifications as well as to ISO17024:2012 – the international standard for the certification of persons.

This means the qualification will be recognised internationally and in the UK. In addition, candidates are required to recertificate at fixed periods to evidence their on-going competency, something that is mandatory to the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority’s on-going requirements.

The CPSA helped develop the JCCP’s code of practice, which recognises ISO:17024. Laurence Clarke, sector lead for health and social care and aesthetic medicine at IQ, told Professional Beauty that the JCCP was “certainly interested” in officially recognising the Skin Rejuvenation Scheme.

Highlighting the importance of the demonstration of competency that comes from the requirement for candidates to recertificate, Clarke commented: “Accountability through the requirement to recertificate is particularly important for non-healthcare professionals who far too often are put down due to their current lack of professional accountability.”

Candidates can be from any professional background but must be qualified to at least Level 3. Training schools wishing to deliver the schemes require prior certification against a different standard – ISO17065:2012.

IQ Verify is also in the process of developing a framework in laser and light-based therapies including radio frequency, tattoo removal and non-ablative skin resurfacing, following the ISO standards. The qualification will start at Level 4 and allow therapists to progress to Level 6.

Alongside the professional certifications, IQ has launched a range of injectables e-learning materials accessible to practitioners of any professional background, in the absence of legislation around training in this area.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 16th Jan 2019

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