Irish Spa Association launches to foster growth in the sector

Spa consultant Peigin Crowley has co-founded a network for Irish spa and wellness professionals. 

The Irish Spa Association (ISA) is a not-for-profit association set up by Crowley and Anita Murray, managing director of Pink Beauty Group, which distributes professional beauty brands in Ireland. 

ISA was founded to provide educational resources and networking opportunities to Irish spa and wellness industry professionals, with the ultimate aim of fostering professionalism and growth in the sector. 

The association has been established with a focus on four critical issues affecting the industry that ISA will work to address. 

These are: recruitment and lobbying, including skill shortages, training and insurance; Brexit, providing advice on Brexit preparations for Irish spa businesses and issues around supplier customs; inclusion, working on getting more Irish spas to treat clients with cancer and other limiting conditions; and future proofing, developing action plans for wellness tourism and concentrate on sustainability in spas.  

"We are finally in a position to establish definitive research that validates spa industry related topics and creating an endowment that sustains the Irish spa sector in perpetuity," said Crowley.

"Our mission is to improve and enhance the value of the spa experience, we will work together to advance spa culture to sustain health and wellbeing."