Is it time to choose a new supplier for your beauty salon or spa?

The beauty industry has been shaken by the current pandemic. No one could have foreseen the impact it would have on our daily lives and businesses. So much so, some of you may be seeking new brands to use within your business, to better suit your current working situation.

There are certain new elements to consider when searching for a brand. You are likely to be interested in quality, results-driven, products but also focussed on those providing the best value for money. There are other aspects to consider and now is the perfect time to carry out research. 

1. Find a brand to suit your budget

Big investments will probably fill us with anxiety, as it is impossible to predict what the future holds.  

Look for a low-risk brand for your spa or salon. Aspects such as “no minimum opening order” and “no minimum monthly orders” may help your budget, and stop essential finances being tied up in excess stock. 

2. Consider keeping it British

To maximise profits and success, it is worthwhile investing in a relationship with an established British brand. This has been increasingly important since Coronavirus arrived on our shores.

Supporting British brands also helps safeguard jobs and boost our economy. Look for those that manufacture their own products too. One good reason is, you know exactly where your products come from.

Plus, buying from suppliers who manufacture and despatch from within the UK, can be good for the planet by reducing carbon footprint, and help with delivery times.

3. Support and simplicity

Now is not the time to over-complicate treatments. Instead, they should be slick, fuss-free and effective. The brand you choose to work with, must provide products that are easy to navigate, without the requirement for extensive training.

Being able to build bespoke treatments for each client gives a great level of personalisation and flexibility. 

Look for no-cost extras such as; online training, 24/7 ordering and accessible support. This means you don’t need to take valuable time out of your diary but can be supported at a time that works for you and your business.

4. Retail opportunities

Retailing products benefits not only the client, who can maintain the effects of a treatment when back at home, but also your business, of course. Make sure products are easy to sell. Those offering multiple benefits and uses tick the box for affordability and sustainability.  

About SBC Skincare

SBC Pro Skincare is ideal if your focus is results, without the need for an expensive price tag or trend-driven treatments. Founded in 1990, SBC is a family-run British brand based in Suffolk.

Luxurious, problem-solving formulations are designed and created in-house, to deliver natural extracts and invigorating aromas for enhanced skin health and well-being. SBC Pro is a great choice for the smaller businesses that want simplicity, fuss-free treatments and have the drive to increase revenue by retailing.

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