Italian spa reveals 46% rise in male menopause therapies

The five-star spa hotel, Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot, has witnessed the increased in demand from men for hormonal testing over the last seven years.

While the medical community remains divided over the reality of the so-called male menopause, increasing numbers of men are seeking treatment for symptoms of the phenomenon, which is linked to fluctuating hormone levels in middle age, providing opportunities for spas. 

Low testosterone can result in decreased muscle mass, weight gain, poor sexual performance and libido, broken sleep, lack of energy, memory loss, depression and low mood.

Male menopause therapy at the spa involves hormone screening followed by a programme of supplement prescription and relevant therapies to help counteract both the psychological and physiological symptoms of menopause.

Consultations with doctor Henri Chenot, renowned for his results-driven Chenot Method, are exclusively available at the spa, which is based in Merano.

The Chenot Method combines the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with the latest scientific advances in medicine.