Jennifer Aniston tops lists of celebs making best use of non-surgical treatments

Jennifer Aniston

Friends actress Jennifer Aniston is the celeb making the best use of non-surgical treatments, according to a new survey of leading surgeons, doctors, practitioners, nurses and dermatologists.

The research, conducted on behalf of medical aesthetics event CCR Expo, asked respondents to suggest people in the public eye who are using non-surgical facelifts, medical needling, chemical peels, dermal fillers and botox treatments to the best effect. 

Jennifer Aniston received the most nominations (15%), followed by singers Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Cole and Kylie Minogue, who all gained 11% of the votes respectively.

The Kardashians (8%), Victoria Beckenham (6%), Amanda Holden (5%), Sharon Stone (4%), Cindy Crawford (4%) and Madonna (4%) completed the top 10. No male celebrities made the top 10, with Robbie Williams being the only famous man put forward by doctors.

In terms of the celebrities who are getting it wrong, practitioners felt that those from reality TV shows such as TOWIE were setting a bad example of having too much work done too young.

The A-list influence

Alison Willis, division director of CCR Expo, said: “Celebrities have quite a big influence on how aesthetic techniques are perceived and adopted by the general public.

“In fact, 39% of the experts said that women are very influenced by famous people when choosing their treatments and 18% suggested men take their cues from celebs too. So, it’s really interesting to hear which celebrities they feel are getting it right and wrong.”

Those surveyed also said that 80% of their clients opting for non-surgical treatments are doing so just to look a bit fresher, adopting a “little but often” topping up approach. The research revealed that 89% of clients see their practitioner at least twice a year and 49% three times or more a year.

Hot treatments

The research also revealed the most coveted non-surgical treatments among the practitioners clients. 

The top non-surgical treatments women are opting for are:

The top non-surgical treatments men are opting for are:

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