Juicing and superfood ingredients to inspire beauty product formulations

As Professional Beauty noted in our 2016 beauty trend report (read here), a new report by Canadean highlights the impact wellness and health food trends will have on the market this year.

We can expect fruit, vegetable and superfood ingredients made popular by the trend for juicing to increasingly appear in the formulations of skin and body care, while wellness continues to gain traction and move into areas outside of health and fitness.

Beauty products marketed to the health-conscious consumer will focus on the internal and external nutritional benefits of use, according to the report, pulling on the perception that beauty starts from within and is best achieved through an overall healthy lifestyle that incorporates wellness on every level. 71% of consumers globally believe “superfruits” like blueberries to be effective in beauty products, found Canadean’s research.

Canadean analyst Jamie Mills commented: “These trends are further driving interest in the connections between food, health, and appearance. This creates great opportunities for beauty brands to take inspiration from new health trends such as juicing in order to better resonate with health-conscious consumers. Natural ingredients endorsed as superfoods and those used to make much-lauded green smoothies, could be promoted as beneficial to skin health and incorporated in beauty product formulations.”