Katie Barnes launches eco-friendly service to resharpen blunt nail tools

Nail techs – don't throw away your blunt scissors, pushers or nippers as a resharpening service has launched to help the industry reuse these vital bits of kit, reducing the amount of waste going into landfills.

The eco-friendly KB Reuse & Resharpen: Sharpening Service, launched by PB Award-winning tech, educator and founder of the KB Tool Range Katie Barnes, recycles your tools by resharpening them, with techs able to see and feel the difference. Best of all, the scheme is available to all nail techs, not just those who use Barnes’s range. 

“It would be great if we could get more nail techs doing this to help prevent environmental waste, but it also saves them money by reconditioning their tools so they don’t have to buy new ones. It's surprising how many don't know this is possible,” Barnes told Professional Beauty. 

“Sharp tools are safer and more efficient to use than blunt ones. When a tool is blunt or thick, additional force is required to achieve the same results. This adds unnecessary stress on the tech’s hands and can cause damage to the customer’s nails and surrounding skin.”

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How does the KB Reuse and Resharpen: Sharpening Service work?

KB Reuse & Resharpen: Resharpening Service

Barnes commissions the work out to a local expert who offers a professional tool sharpening service, who will give a new lease of life to your kit.

Once your tools have been received, your scissors, pushers and nippers will be cleaned, inspected and tested for defects and damage before being sharpened and hand-honed using a combination of modern and traditional methods. 

This involves using the best equipment, professional abrasives and polishing compounds throughout the process, where your tools are then reassembled, realigned, oiled, balanced and tested again for perfect function.

The timeframe on how quick the service will be is dependent upon the amount of use, care, storage and damage your tools have endured. However, if the damage to your tools is significant then they may be beyond repair. Barnes says having your tools resharpened annually is good practice. 

The price for the scheme is: one x tool sharpen and service – £14; two x tool sharpen and service – £24; and three x tool sharpen and service – £35. 

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