Lawnes Beauty Clinic wins PB's Accor plasma pen competition

The Lawnes Beauty Clinic in Norfolk was the winner of the Pen Aesthetics Plasma Pen competition held at the Professional Beauty London show in February.

Clinic owner Jane Woolston won a complete Accor Cosmetic Corrector package worth over £6,000 and consisting of training and marketing support in addition to the device.

This month, Jane Woolston (pictured above, far right) and Florence Beck (far left) visited professional training centre Beauty Pioneers in Belsize Park, London, to train with Barbara Morgan (centre).

The Accor plasma device can treat upper and lower eyelids, neck lift, wrinkle-smoothing, tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, skin tag and skin lesion removal as well as treating fungal conditions of the skin.

The hand-held pen-style device is positioned a few milimetres above the skin and releases a plasma arc that vaporises a small segment of skin tissue in a process called sublimation. This causes the surrounding tissue to tighten together allowing for a wide range of treatments.