Learn how to approach a performance turnaround at WSW 2019

David Erlich, corporate director of spa at Sandals Resorts will chair the "Managing a Strategic Turnaround” Situation Room – Resort Spas at the 2019 WSW Convention. 

David Erlich

What can delegates expect from your situation room?

My desired outcome is for attendees to glean some positive insight from my previous mistakes so they don’t make the same ones! Truthfully though, turning a resort spa’s performance around in a challenging climate, regardless of geographic location, is a major opportunity. I hope my panel can share nuggets regarding what can be done to analyse a turnaround financially and demographically, along with other analysis on physical plant and expansion opportunities.

What are the differences in financial turnaround for a resort or hotel spa compared to a day spa?

The key components are typically client demographics and the need for the resort and hotel occupancy mix for treatment capture rates to be budgeted and forecasted accurately. In many locations, a day spa has more flexibility than a resort or hotel spa. For example, a day spa is open to the public whereas some resort and hotel spas are not, so the dependence on hotel occupancy is critical and can limit marketing exposure.

Why do you think the situation room discussion format is integral to the convention?

Having colleagues from different geographic regions and brands contribute is a very professional and fun way to benchmark best practice. It’s like a great chef bringing in wonderful ingredients for an amazing recipe.

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