Londoners spend £18 million on spa deals

Londoners' spending on spa deals has increased dramatically from £6.7m in 2014 to £18m in the past 12 months, according to data from voucher website Wowcher. 

In total, 1.17 million customers have purchased spa days across the country over the past year, with a noticeable increase in sales during National Spa Week (September 10-17), which saw 14,700 spa deals sold throughout the week on Wowcher.

857,000 "spa-related" vouchers were purchased in total over the year, with 122,000 for spa day deals and 1,200 for overnight breaks. 

Londoners were by far the most interested in spa visits, spending a total of £18m. Birmingham spent £1.5m on spa deals, Manchester, £1.4m and Newcastle, £1m; with the most popular treatments being massages in Bournemouth, facials in Belfast and manicure and pedicure deals in Cork.

The data showed that December and January were the best months for consumers to find spa deal bargains, and that purchases surge in November and December with above average orders for the gifting season.

“The last five years has seen the popularity of things like mindfulness, taking care of oneself, and self-gifting, grow substantially. It’s no wonder then, that the popularity of spa deals has risen alongside it,” said Simon Taylorson, sales director at Wowcher.


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