Longevity Cegonha Country Club launches Insta-Body Programme

Portugal’s Longevity Cegonha Country Club promises to give clients “some serious Insta-appeal” with its new Instagram-focused body concept.

The five-night Insta-Body Programme has been created to help guests build up their body confidence and “take that Insta-body photo” using a combination of fitness, detox and treatments that help define and tone.

A nutritionist will work with guests to create a wellness meal plan based on assessment, from low calorie or gluten-free to detoxifying and anti-inflammatory liquid diets. 

Guests will also have access to wellness evaluations, an epigenetics test (via hair), a personal training session, floatation session with localised massage, two premium detox treatments and two drainage and firming treatments.  

It also involves complimentary access to gym facilities, Detox & Relax Wet Area Circuit which includes an infra-red sauna and Epsom salt room; and daily Body & Mind group activities including yoga, Pilates, dance, fitball and core training. 

The club said: “The Insta-Body Programme was created as a way to offer guests a means of finding the best solutions for their body shape.”

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