Lynton to supply pain-free Alexandrite laser for all skin types

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British aesthetic technology manufacturer Lynton has announced a new partnership with Italian counterpart DEKA, supporting the Italian manufacturer in the launch of their revolutionary new ‘pain-free’ Alexandrite hair removal laser: The Motus AX.

The Motus AX is described by the manufacturer as "the world’s first and only ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal platform to deliver the gold-standard laser for melanin absorption: primary Alexandrite". Using the revolutionary Moveo Technology mode, DEKA says the Motus surpasses traditional Alexandrite laser by reducing the typical loss of energy reflected by the skin when delivered in a traditional shot-by-shot method.

Moveo Technology drastically reduces the amount of energy reflected by altering the method of application, delivering the Alexandrite laser in constant contact with the skin using a 20mm contact-cooled sapphire tip. Using light circular movements at a reduced power allows the Alexandrite laser to work at 100% efficiency, therefore avoiding wasted energy.

This feature offers laser practitioners the advantages of "pain-free" laser hair removal but with the unsurpassed clinical efficacy and results associated with the Alexandrite, on all skin types.

Dr Jonathon Exley, managing director at Lynton, said: “At Lynton, we pride ourselves on not only being the UK’s largest laser & IPL manufacturer, but also on the quality of post-purchase support and technical service available to all our customers. I am delighted to announce this new partnership with DEKA lasers, as it opens the necessary channels for UK clinics to introduce revolutionary new technology like the Motus AX, but with the added support and reassurance of purchasing with Lynton”.

The Motus AX is now available in the UK together with the award-wining training, technical service and post-purchase provided by Lynton. Find out more here.