Macdonald Hotels & Resorts launches career development initiative for spa staff

UK-based hotel group Macdonald Hotels & Resorts has launched an initiative designed to help its therapists progress in their careers.

The Spa Career Development Pathway has been created in partnership with the Elemis Academy of Excellence and is available across six levels of seniority. These range from apprentice spa therapist, spa therapist and senior spa therapist, to head therapist, spa manager and regional spa manager.

Macdonald explained that the initiative: “Aims to inspire and encourage therapists across the hotel group to tap into structured support to fulfil their career aspirations. Each participant’s programme will be designed based on their specific needs and level of experience.”

Training offered as part of the plan includes people management, rota scheduling, forecasting and recruitment, among other elements.

Apprentice spa therapists joining without prior experience will in their first 18 months with Macdonald receive all the product house training in face, body, nail and makeup treatments and services that they need to gain an NVQ Level 3 diploma.

Keith Pickard, group director of golf, leisure and spa at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts, said: “Not everyone is aware of the opportunities and support we can give our therapists to help them fulfil their career aspirations.

“Our Spa Career Development Pathway outlines the support available and formalises the training schemes provided by our product houses. We hope that this will encourage our spa staff to gain new skills and progress with confidence to the level they have set their sights on.”

Macdonald has also introduce a “buddy programme” that sees more experienced members of the spa team support and mentor younger members of staff, encouraging them, where appropriate, to strive for management positions.

Macdonald Hotels & Resorts operates 45 hotels and 10 resorts across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, 23 of which have spas on the premises.