Mandarin Oriental spas to have a “silent night” on December 16

The Mandarin Oriental is to hold a “silent night” at all its spas around the world on December 16, group director of spa Jeremy McCarthy has announced. 

All Mandarin Oriental spas around the world will offer guests the opportunity to “turn down the volume by offering a night of silence,” McCarthy said.

While the spas will continue to offer treatments as normal, there will be no music and no conversation after 5pm – apart form the pre-treatment consultation.

McCarthy said that staff will “be suggesting certain treatments that are more conducive to silence than others”. 
The “silent night” is designed to “instil a sense of peace and allow individuals to experience contemplation and mindfulness,” McCarthy explained.

He added that the evening has been scheduled for December because “during this stressful time of the year, we want to create a space where people can press the pause button and have some time to think, meditate or just take a break from being inundated with noise". 

It’s the first time Mandarin Oriental has run an initiative like this, with McCarthy labelling it “very experimental” adding that “it will be interesting to see how our guests feel about the opportunity to enjoy the spa in silence”. 

While the evening is currently a one-off, McCarthy said: “If it’s well-received by our guests, it could become an annual holiday tradition.”