Mandarin Oriental to launch digital detox programme

Mandarin Oriental is launching a global digital detox initiative in its spas this month.

Debuting today (September 5), the programme will be implemented in all Mandarin Oriental Spas around the world. Elements will include encouraging guests to leave their phone behind when entering the spa and offering tips and advice on how to step away from technology.

Mandarin Oriental has collaborated with renowned US health destination the Mayo Clinic on advice to help clients lead healthier, less technology-focused lives.

Jeremy McCarthy, group director of spa and wellness, said: “Technology has brought us many great advances but the expectation for instant communication and the increasing pace of change in the world can have a negative impact on our wellbeing.”

A new treatment, the Digital Detox Retreat, will be introduced as part of the programme. The 80-minute treatment includes an aromatic bath and a massage and is designed to ground body and mind and have a calming effect.

The Digital Detox initiative will also include the introduction of mindfulness activities in the spas, such as meditation and adult colouring.

The spa retail offering will be updated to reflect the digital detox focus and include items such as meditation pillows, eye masks, crystals and a selection of soothing teas and oils.