Margaret Dabbs to open 15 clinics by 2017 and expand overseas partnerships

Hands and feet specialist Margaret Dabbs (pictured below) is planning to roll out 12 to 15 new clinics in the UK by the end of 2017. The brand, which has seven clinics already (mainly in London), will be opening two of these sites this summer.

The 2,500sq ft Manchester site, which was scheduled to open in late June as PB went to press, will have six treatment rooms, a nail spa, champagne bar and retail area, while the 700sq ft Harrogate site, which will open at the end of the summer, will include a nail spa, retail area and three treatment rooms.

“We’re very much a destination; people travel from all over the country to visit us,” said Dabbs. “I’m really in touch with the business, especially where people are travelling from and what they’re buying. These areas were key locations.”

Two more London sites are in the pipeline – one potentially in Westminster – but Dabbs said she would also like to open a site in Dublin and another in Glasgow.

Dabbs also wants to partner with businesses overseas in order to make Margaret Dabbs a “globally recognised brand”. She is already in talks with potential partners in Asia and Qatar. Talking about why she wants to partner rather than franchise, she said: “It’s really about keeping control of the USP. I think we’re a bit ahead of our time and people are only just waking up to the hand and foot revolution. Clients want health and wellbeing – they want a much closer link to the medical with their beauty treatments.”