Top tips for marketing your nail salon 

Published 04th Jan 2018 by PB Admin
Top tips for marketing your nail salon 

Want advice on how to market and promote your nail services?

In our exclusive video, Samantha and Samuel Sweet, co-founders and directors of Sweet Squared, which distributes pro brand CND, reveal three simple ways to market your nail salon which will guarantee you stand out from the competition.

The three areas they cover for marketing your nail salon strategically are:

  1. Letting your work speak for itself

    “Honestly, when you’re cracking out gorgeous enhancements or manicures…people will say ‘Wow, your nails are beautiful, where did you get them done’, and that’s the biggest endorsement,” explains Samantha. 

  1. Forgetting your competitors

    “Why are you even worrying about the woman down the road? If you have the confidence in what you’re doing, you don’t even think about the woman down the road because people are coming through the door for your treatments because you’re great at what you do,” adds Samantha.

  1. Investing in your specialism

    “If you want to be able to attract a certain clientele, you’ve got to invest in your environment, [the salon’s] cleanliness and the sanitation, and more importantly, you’ve got to invest in yourself,” explains Samuel.

    “You can’t go in and pretend the work you do is absolutely perfect without actually investing in the continuing education to develop those skills and investing in the systems to be able to execute those.”

 Watch our other video with the Sweets where they reveal how to open a successful nail salon.

For more helpful advice and tips, visit Professional Beauty’s YouTube page.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 04th Jan 2018

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