Massage-athon taking place for Women’s Wellness Week


Bookings agency is hosting a series of fundraising events with charity Willow for Women’s Wellness Week, which is encouraging women to make their mental and physical health a priority.

Taking place September 18–24, the event is asking women across the UK to prioritise their health by taking an hour each day to do something for themselves while raising money for Willow – with the campaign strapline #We11nesshour.

Proceeds will go to Willow, which organises Special Days for seriously ill young adults so they can take time out from fighting their illnesses to do something they enjoy.

To help shine light on the issue, is inviting 1,000 women to take time out by enjoying a free massage at one of its venues across the UK on Tuesday, September 19, at 11am.

The massages, part of the massage-athon fundraising event for Women’s Wellness Week, are free of charge but each spa will be asking for a donation of £20 to go towards the hard work Willow does. To register for one of the massages, click here.

The company will also be hosting live Q&As on Facebook and Twitter all week with medical practitioners and business women, providing advice and support on a variety of issues from anxiety to career paths. 

Abi Wright, founder of, said: “Today’s woman tries to be everything to everyone – often she juggles a career, family, home and social life, without any thought for herself, yet still worries she’s not doing a good enough job at any of it.

“Women’s Wellness Week is all about encouraging women to stop for a moment, take a breather and consider themselves for a change – whether that be sitting in the sunshine and reading a good book, taking up a new hobby or just going for a spa day with friends.”

Mark Rappitt, Special Days director for Willow, added: “A massage is one of the very best ways to take some quality time for yourself and by taking part in the massage-athon you’ll also be helping seriously ill young adults throughout the UK to have their own Special Day.”

Many have already signed up to take part including celebrities Denise Van Outen, Megs Wilson and Mary Nightingale.

For more information on Women’s Wellness Week, click here.