Sponsored feature: Megawhite – the story

Bryan Christie, chief executive of Megawhite, started his first teeth-whitening company (then called Dentawhite) in 2007 with a small £5,000 loan from the Prince’s Trust.

Dentawhite started in Scotland with just one teeth-whitening machine. The business quickly franchised into roughly 400 beauty salons in five years.

The demand for teeth whitening was growing at an exceptional rate; with endorsements from celebrities, chart-topping bands and Miss World contenders, things were going great. 

Then in 2012 the law changed when the General Dental Council lobbied in parliament to have teeth-whitening ruled as a dental procedure, and won. The art of whitening someone’s teeth had now became dentistry and could only be carried out by a registered dental professional. Beauty therapists, salon owners, nail technicians and hairdressers could no longer perform teeth-whitening treatments the law had been set once and for all. 

However, this did not mean salons, spas, department stores and chemists couldn't sell teeth-whitening products, it meant they were not allowed to carry out the treatment and they could no longer sell products containing more than 0.1% peroxide.

So, along came the self-service DIY boom. Non-peroxide self-service teeth-whitening kits were selling hard and fast, from teeth-whitening strips to sodium bicarbonate pre-loaded teeth-whitening trays. The concept erupted the rules that had been set, and the beauty industry cashed in.

The rules are simple 

1 Salons and retailers could no longer carry out teeth-whitening treatments 

2 sellers are not allowed to give dental attendance, advice or assistance to a teeth-whitening treatment. 

However, they are allowed to sell products form their till point that are non-peroxide and EU approved and used by the customer without assistance or attendance from the therapist. Customers simply had to use the product by themselves by following the instructions on the packaging.

Megawhite solved this problem. The Megawhite ethos has always been: 

1 Have peroxide-free products that are self-service for the customer 

2 Have a product that meets all the legal requirements for salons to sell 

3 Solve the customer’s problem. Give the customer a completely pain-free product with a measurable result at an affordable price while giving the salon a high profit margin. Megawhite Blue Fusion ticks all the boxes 

Megawhite Blue Fusion launched in 2014 with record-breaking sales. Salon owners were buying the Blue Fusion system and clients were happy to do the self-service, 15-minute laser whitening. The product offers pain-free teeth whitening with no peroxide, and salon owners could sell a product without therapists having to carry out the treatments or give dental attendance or assistance. 

The Blue Fusion system is simple and easy. 

1 You sell the product from your till point and explain the benefits of the product to your client. 

2 the customer then uses the product by following the instructions on the packaging, operating the LED teeth-whitening machine themselves without attendance or assistance from the staff member.

This does not amount to dentistry. The customer simply whitens his or her own teeth without assistance.

Megawhite is now available in salons all over the UK and throughout the world, with the average salon making between £25,000 and £89,000 per year.

Megawhite has three stands at Professional Beauty and is giving free product insurance and 20% extra product with all systems purchased during the show. Visit stand number G2, M88 or E35.

Contact Megawhite at www.megawhite.co.uk on 0845 900 1311