Menopause and skin: how to recommend the right products and ingredients

Published 13th Jun 2022 by PB Admin
Menopause and skin: how to recommend the right products and ingredients

The menopause is a significant time in life that brings about many changes to the skin due to the decline of oestrogen and fluctuation of hormones resulting in various characteristics in the body varying from skin dryness, barrier impairment and sensitivity, to low mood, irritability and forgetfulness.

One of the most common physical changes experienced is dryness and lack of skin oils, which can lead to sensitivity, barrier impairment, itching and flaking so it is vital that adjustments are made to the skincare regime during this time to adapt to the changes. 

Strengthen skin barrier function 

Advise clients to start to maintain and strengthen the skin’s barrier function by avoiding the use of foaming washes, which can over dry the skin by breaking down the lipids needed to keep the barrier intact. 

Instead, recommend a nourishing creamy cleanser with oatmeal and green tea to gently cleanse without removing any vital lipids from the skin. Eve Taylor London’s Ultra Soothing Cleanser is a rich cleanser with a highly anti-inflammatory formulation to sooth and nurture any irritation or itching.  

Restore moisture 

As the skin starts to lack essential lipids and fatty acids, nourishing and moisturising is essential to feed the skin with what it needs. 

A lipid-based serum layered underneath moisturiser adds essential emollience and helps to lock in moisture. 

Eve Taylor London’s Nourishing Serum is packed with cold pressed oils to moisten the driest skin layers whilst offering skin softness and conditioning actions. It can be complemented with a rich moisturiser for increased emollience and support. Use at night will help to repair the skin during the hours of slumber.

Work on skin texture

During menopause, skin can become lacklustre and dull with uneven tone, which can contribute to it looking older than its years. Using a vitamin C-rich serum will boost vitality and radiance while also helping to stimulate production of collagen, which gradually reduces from the menopausal years.

Boost the mood with aromatherapy

For those who are experiencing changes to the mood and emotions, look to aromatherapy for its unique benefits to the mindset. Rose otto and ho wood essential oils are well regarded for their uplifting actions, helping to lift low mood and offering feelings of comfort and contentment, making these aromatic oils perfect to use during the menopause. 

Eve Taylor London’s Comfort Duo contains the brand’s top-selling Hug in a Bottle blend, suitable for diffusion in the home or workplace, and Comfort Gel, an easily absorbed wearable gel for aromatherapy on the go. Both are formulated with a synergy of rose otto, ho wood and sandalwood to soothe the senses and bring about reassuring feelings.Discover more via the Eve Taylor London website or call 01733 260161. 

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Eve Taylor London. 


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 13th Jun 2022

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