66% of millennial women are considering having an aesthetic treatment

A new study has revealed Brits perception of aesthetic treatments, with almost half (48%) of millennials believing that having a cosmetic procedure is a lot like having a haircut.

The poll of 1,033 UK women aged between 18 and 30, commissioned by the BBC and carried out by Deltapoll, revealed that 66% of millennials have also had, or are considering, having a non-surgical or surgical procedure.  

Of those who have already undergone treatment, botox (27%) was the most popular, followed by lip fillers (28%) and breast surgery (20%), the report found. 

More than three quarters (77%) were happy with the treatment results while 69% said it made them feel more confident and 52% more attractive. 

The survey also asked respondents if they thought Britain was obsessed with cosmetic procedures, with 47% agreeing, and a further 45% saying it is “too easy” to get aesthetic procedures in the UK.

The area most British women would like to change about their body is their stomach (63%), followed closely by their breasts (53%) and buttocks (41%), the report found.  

With cosmetic procedures rising in popularity, the UK Government is launching a campaign to tackle botched injectables, while new National Occupational Standards for Aesthetic Treatments have been approved, marking another step towards improving consumer safety.