Mindfulness for children emerges as key spa trend to counteract digital overload

Published 27th Apr 2018 by PB Admin
Mindfulness for children emerges as key spa trend to counteract digital overload

Spas are using yoga and mindfulness to help stressed-out and square-eyed kids to log off.

A new US study points to the benefit of yoga and mindfulness being taught in schools. The study, published by the Dove Medical Press, assessed the impact of a yoga and mindfulnesss curriculum in an elementary school.

Results suggested that yoga and mindfulness intervention could improve symptoms of anxiety among students. In addition, yoga and mindfulness and activities may facilitate stress management among elementary school students.

Spas across the world are already reacting to the growing trend.

the Six Senses group has just launched Grow With Six Senses, a programme for children incorporating the six dimensions of wellness (social, environmental, physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual) to help kids can reconnect with nature and others around them.

Programmes vary from resort to resort, but the idea is to introduce physical activities, yoga and mindfulness, local culture, sustainability and social experiences, plus tailor-made spa treatments.

A diverse range of activities will be on offer, from making edible water bubbles to junior Zumba, there’s something to attract even the most reticent joiner.

Elsewhere, Chia Laguna, Italian Hospitality Collection’s five-star family resort, has launched a series of Mini Mindfulness activities to encourage kids to relax and reconnect.

Designed to help little ones step away from screens, build confidence and recharge, activities at the Sardinia resort include smiling yoga, al-fresco painting, smoothie-making and homemade spa treatments. 

Each day at the resort’s kids’ club starts with a “little muscle awakening” session, a series of simple exercises designed to soothe both body and mind.

The physical activity will continue with “smiling yoga”, a technique combining laughter with yoga and breathing exercises, promoting physical expression, emotional development and leadership skills.

Kids can also enjoy tours of Chia Laguna’s herbal garden where aspiring botanists will be taught to recognise and use various herbs for food and health purposes.

Using the herbs they have foraged, kids can create their own facemasks or mocktails under the guidance of one of the resort’s barmen.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 27th Apr 2018

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