Mindfulness treatments launch at Espa Life at Corinthia

Espa Life at Corinthia is today launching a series of new treatments under the heading of Mindfulness.

The British brand’s flagship spa, Espa Life at Corinthia is the first Espa spa to introduce the treatments.

The Espa treatment collection is launching with the aim of making mindfulness accessible.

The aim is also to ensure guests get the most out of treatments by making them as relaxed as possible going into them. All six options include breathing and visualisation techniques, to help clients “relax the mind and release physical or emotional anxieties”.

Espa founder Sue Harmsworth said: “One of the reasons we have introduced these treatments is that we see people come in and they are so stressed that they are not able to get the full benefit of the treatment. We physically hang on to stress and tension, and breathwork and letting that go is important.”

A statement from Corinthia London also explained that “Espa Life at Corinthia wants to ensure their guests get the maximum restorative effect, mentally, emotionally and physically, from their time in the spa.”

The Mindfulness treatments are: Mindfulness Massage, Mindful Facial, Mindful Breathing and Mediation, Mindful Sleep and Mindful Fitness – which incorporates Park Power and River Rush.

The 90-minute Mindfulness Massage includes a foot massage, a deep tissue massage and an energising scalp massage with warm rose quartz crystals.

The Mindfulness Facial is designed to nurture and relax and to deep cleanse, moisturise and re-energise the skin. The treatment features warm herb poultices and the choice between a scalp massage and hand and arm massage. 

The Mindful Breathing & Mediation session, available as 60-minute and 90-minute options, includes pranayama breathing exercises and yoga nidra, a state between consciousness and sleep described as “conscious relaxation”.

Mindful Sleep, designed to help clients switch off, sleeping better as a result, incorporates a hot stone massage, a scalp massage and a yoga nidra or yogic sleep session.

Mindful Fitness features two options: Park Life and River Rush, both entailing taking the client out of the gym and into the fresh air and both followed by yoga nidra.

Park Life sees guests go into nearby St James Park with a personal trainer, while River Rush features a run along the River Thames, on the South Bank.

Spa director Laura Vallati said: “To complement our holistic wellness offering at Corinthia, I have collaborated with ESPA in designing a suite of mindfulness therapies; each one offering a different emphasis or appeal to the individual.

"We want to give guest the tools to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.”