More opportunities and rising salaries in the beauty industry

A survey of those working in the UK beauty industry has found that 42% are somewhat satisfied with their salary and 91% are confident in their ability to land other jobs.

A specialised global recruiting firm called 24 Seven partnered with industry professionals organisation Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) to produce the report into the current job market in the beauty industry.

Overall, it found increased optimism in terms of pay rises and opportunities. Even in instances where those asked were unhappy with their salary, 50% said they planned to leave their current position in the next six months to find new work, with a massive 91% saying they were confident in their ability to do so, suggesting that varied opportunities are rife. 87% actually said that they had been approached about a new opportunity in the past 12 months.

That being said, one in four employees asked said that they are not satisfied with how much money they earn in their position. Considering how healthy the job market in the industry appears to be, it is likely employees in this position will leave their jobs to find higher paid positions, suggests the report.

The second most common reason beauty industry employees seek out new jobs is the desire to grow and improve their skill set, according to the survey. This means the majority want to work for companies who can promise a future with a clear career path and professional development. When asked about their current jobs, most (59%) said their current company doesn’t offer these incentives. Many said they take control of their own professional growth in terms of seeking out training courses themselves in order to hone new skills and stay engaged with their work.

“It’s an exciting time to have a career in beauty. “If you’re a highly skilled beauty professional opportunity abounds in the current job market, said Celeste Gudas, founder and CEO of 24 Seven. CEW UK president Caroline Neville added: “The speed at which business is now conducted, the retail challenges, the impact of social media, and the globalisation of beauty means that we all have to sharpen our focus and hone our skills to meet the challenge. The upside is that it means greater employment opportunities for people who have the right skills.”