More than half of women “don't care” about body hair

While almost all women remove their body hair, many admit to not doing it regularly and half “don't care” about being hairy, according to new data.

The 2,061 women polled in the survey commissioned by Babtac were asked how regularly they undertook hair removal, such as shaving or waxing, on various points of their bodies.

The survey found that the average woman removes hair from her legs twice per month, her armpits three times per week and her bikini line once every three weeks. However,the survey did not ask whether the women shave or wax, meaning the results represent an average of both methods.

The results also showed that 14% of women never remove hair from their bikini line and 7% never shave their legs. Only 1% said they never remove hair from their armpits.

The women were then asked how the felt about being hairy, to which the majority (51%) said they “don’t care”. 39% said that they hate it, while the remaining 10% said they like having body hair. 

Of the women who said they don’t care about being hairy, the majority (87%) had been in a relationship for at least two years. When asked whether their laidback attitude to body hair was a reflection of how comfortable they feel around their partner, 73% said this was probably true.

Babtac’s marketing executive Emma Roberts commented,“There is certainly a new wave of women who care less about their natural body hair. Women have a lot less time in their days now. Waxing is a good alternative to shaving if time is an issue as results last a lot longer.”