My team are stressed at the moment. How can I alleviate the tension?

My team are stressed at the moment. What’s the best way to alleviate the tension?

One person’s stress is another’s challenge, so understanding what is worrying staff is the first step to creating a stress-free working environment. However, on the scale of life events there are some that will test everyone – death, divorce, moving home and illness. Staff going through any of these issues need more support and understanding and will require a sympathetic ear. It may also mean time off, removal of some of his or her workload and rearranging work hours while the worst is happening.

Feeling acknowledged, secure, valued and respected is fundamental in the reduction of stress, as is teamwork and a sense of belonging. Staff should be supported with clear systems and procedures, including goal setting with regular communication and feedback – either formal or informal. Mismatched expectations and lack of communication are major factors in the most stressful situations. Support staff with training to help them succeed and to gain as much control as possible over their work.

For most therapists, one of the biggest stressors can be working to the clock. To help alleviate this pressure, robust standards and procedures must be in place to ensure everything needed for a treatment is at hand every time and that there is sufficient turnaround time in between treatments. Meditation is also a proven way to decrease stress neurochemicals and increase those responsible for feeling happy.

Lina Lotto is a wellbeing expert and is spa director of SenSpa at Careys Manor Hotel in the New Forest. She also runs the SenSpa Academy to train therapists.