Nail art trend watch: draped in jewels

The nail industry now seems permanently focused on Asia, and Korea in particular, for the hottest trends set to hit the mainstream, particularly when it comes to intricate designs, fun embellishments and super-skilled technical work. The latest is “bracelet nails” and could send the super-long extensions that have been so popular lately into retirement.

Bracelet nails adorn short, mostly squoval nails in tiny replicas of jewellery usually found wrapped around wrists, placing miniature beads and shiny embellishments onto thin, coloured bands, which are either painted onto the nail using a fine brush, or created using foils cut into thin strips.

The trend originated in Seoul and can reportedly take up to two hours to complete on a full set, though some social media images show an intricate accent nail in an otherwise plain, pared-back mani.

Popular base colours are pale pinks or simple bare nails coated in clear, shiny polish to let the art do the talking.

Images L–R: ©Instagram/@unistella_by_ek_lab, ©Instagram/@deeznailzdoe, ©Instagram/@chelsea_ludwigsen, ©Instagram/@_maysecond