How to apply a nail sculpting form

Q: What’s the best way to apply a sculpting form?

Nail sculpting forms are disposable stickers used to extend natural nails and create enhancements. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be tailor-made or cut to fit clients’ fingers for optimum results.

Applying forms can take some practise but once you’ve mastered it you can use them quickly, easily and efficiently.

Plus, they can speed up your nail treatment time and create amazing enhancements that clients will rave about.

Once your client’s nails are prepared, place the form on to the finger, choose the most suitable size, push out the middle circle tab and stick it under the inner side of the form to make it stronger to work on.

Next, slip the form under the free edge of the natural nail and stick onto the side walls of the finger. It must be fitted tightly, leaving minimal, if any, gaps. It’s best to customise your form by cutting it to get the best fit.

Once your forms are fitted correctly, you can start applying products and creating beautiful enhancements.

Rebecca Abernethy Rebecca Abernethy is Professional Beauty’s Nail Professional of the Year 2017 and Semilac UK’s academy director, running training at salons in Stockport and Solihull.

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