Why nail techs are raving about Mii Cosmetics Manicure and Pedicure line

Are you looking to add a new collection to your nail salon that will wow clients with an extensive shade range, while also providing the TLC that nails need to stay strong and healthy? Well, look no further than Mii Cosmetics Manicure and Pedicure range, which launched into the market in July. 

As a serial beauty entrepreneur and expert manicurist with more than 30 years’ experience, Susan Gerrard has been instrumental in the evolution of nail care technology, ensuring it meets the demands of today’s consumers and beauty therapists.  

10 years ago Gerrard International launched its brand Mii Cosmetics, the brand partner of choice in more than 1,500 UK salons and spas, and now distributed in 24 countries. It’s been a lifelong dream of Gerrard’s to use her knowledge, experience and passion for colour to create the best nail care range for the future.

Why are nail techs raving about the new collection?

All Mii formulas are blended using the most effective ingredients to nurture nails and produce outstanding results. Alongside a team of talented and seasoned beauty experts, Gerrard has worked with leading laboratories to develop prescriptive treatments, long-lasting and fast-drying colours, and super glossy finishes to deliver standout manicures and pedicures.

The new super-shiny and intensely durable Statement Gel Polish is perfect for clients looking for a long-lasting, “life-proof” manicure. With a choice of more than 100 highly pigmented shades, it applies just like a polish but with all the benefits of a gel.  

Enriched with a nourishing oil blend from super fruits Yuzu and Bacuri and hydrating vitamin E to protect from peeling and colour fade, the glossy, reparative formula protects each and every nail and offers weak or problem nails the chance to grow all while being cosseted in gloriously look-at-Mii shades. 

Boasting a simple brush-on application and self-levelling formula, it flawlessly cures in seconds when used with the Mii LED Lamp and is easily removed without causing damage to the natural nail.  Each bottle has been designed with an Insta-colour reference label to showcase a wall of colour in the salon and make client selection even easier. 

Vegan and not tested on animals, Mii’s Statement Gel Polish is the go-to for those who want the best from their manicure. You can stock the range now

How does Mii’s Colour Confidence formula benefit nails?

The Colour Confidence formula has been fortified with Mii’s unique Vita-Care complex to imbue each nail with a healthy dose of vitamins, including vitamin A to help aid nail growth, vitamin B5 to improve flexibility, hydrating vitamin E to protect from peeling and yellowing, and nourishing vitamin C. 

Working in harmony with the demands of modern life, this fast-drying formula promises a professional gold standard of nail polish, while also being vegan and not tested on animals. 

A masterpiece of ice cool bottle design, the turbo-charged colour is suspended within a pure glass core. Accompanied by the pro-glide ergonomic brush, the colour glides sleekly over the nail, promising true high-shine coverage in just a few strokes. 

With a choice of bold primaries and soft pastels, to centre of attention brights and bare-it-all nudes, Mii’s language of colour encourages techs to pick shades to help tell a client’s story. However, Mii’s ethos doesn’t only focus on high performance, pigmented colour – it’s the health of the nail that is of paramount importance in creating the perfect manicure or pedicure to stand the test of time. 

Find out more about Mii’s Colour Confidence formula now.

If you’re interested in distributing Mii, or wish to become a UK stockist offering it in your spa/salon, please contact info@gerrardinternational.com.

For all training opportunities please contact academy@gerrardinternational.com.

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