Nature-focused training concept to launch in London

Published 21st Dec 2016 by PB Admin
Nature-focused training concept to launch in London

A natural and nature-focused workout concept for the city is launching in the UK in January.

Biofit, which will offer training sessions in London as well as online training via Skype, explains that it “harnesses the proven wellbeing benefits of nature by bringing the outside in”.

The company aims to boost fitness performance, while reducing stress, and offers sessions both outside and indoors.

Biofit uses only handmade equipment produced in the UK and made from natural materials, including wood. Many Bitofit workouts are also carried out without equipment. 

Currently working on its London studio space, Biofit plans to design the space in line with biophilic principles of architecture – which emphasise the human connection to nature.

Biofit is collaborating with architecture firm Lily Jencks Studio – which specialises in creating green spaces – on the studio, which is set to be tech-free. The company also has its own design team.

Elements incorporated to make the indoor environment healthier and more relaxing will include aromatherapy scents and air purifying plants. A pop-up to launch the Biofit concept, the studio will be located in London’s Notting Hill area and will be open January 9-February 3.




PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 21st Dec 2016

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