Nearly half of adults say their double chin negatively impacts self-perception

49% of adults are bothered by the appearance of the area under their chin to the point that they feel it negatively impacts their appearance, says a recent survey commissioned by Allergan.

Nearly half (45%) of the 1,996 respondents to the survey, commissioned to “better understand the impact of submental fullness”, said they felt that other people noticed their “double chin”.

Respondents were shown pictures of men and women with “varying levels of submental fullness”, and 78% said they were more likely to notice a double chin on a woman than a man.

More female than male respondents said they were bothered about the area, at 55% and 40% respectively. A further 35% said they avoid having their photo taken, while 29% of men said they had grown a beard to hide the area.

Dr Shannon Humphrey, a dermatologist and co-author of the survey, said the problem is often resistant to diet or exercise.

“These findings will help physicians to better understand the impact a double chin has on our patients so we can address this issue and provide them with effective treatment options,” she said.