Nearly half of appointment bookings happen out of salon hours

Salons and spas without an online or app-based booking function could lose out on as much as 46% of business, found research by Phorest Salon Software. 

The research found that while just over half (54%) of appointments are booked during opening hours, the remainder (46%) happens while salons and spas are closed. 

By analysing the hourly appointment booking trends of over 5,000 salons and spas, Phorest found that 28% of out-of-hours bookings happen in the evening after salons close and 18% take place in the morning before doors open. 

The salon software company then asked 1,000 salon and spa customers what website features were important to them when considering booking a service, to which 32% specified online booking capability. 

However, the most important feature (56%) was an up-to-date contact page listing location, contacts and opening hours. 

A treatment menu with accurate pricing was next, with 40% of clients choosing this feature. 

Gen Z (those aged 18 to 24) was the group most likely to want out-of-hours booking options, followed by millennials (25 to 34) at 36%. 

Phorest chief executive Ronan Perceval commented: “This is really important information for salon and spa owners, particularly those whose customers are in this younger demographic. 

“Recent research shows millennials are earning more than ever before, and enjoy spending their cash online, so if you’re looking to attract these demographics with ever-growing disposable income, it’s vital to get online booking live for your salon.

“…Online booking gives them the option to book an appointment on their time, before they miss out on the last appointment with you and have to go to your competitor.”


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